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Rock Climbing Instructor

This Rock Climbing Instructor training course is right up to date with modern techniques, current thinking and professional best practice. It is highly interactive, with the emphasis definitely being on as much hands on practice and consolidation as possible under pinned with a mix of technical and theoretical input. Following the excellent Mountain Training syllabus you will be learning and implementing new skills and techniques throughout the course, not only will we help you develop as a Rock Climbing Instructor but you might well find the movement sessions have you making personal gains in your own climbing.

At Leading Edge we strive to deliver a relaxed, open and friendly course. We will progressively take you through the key elements of being a Rock Climbing Instructor. We will help you develop, hone and polish your personal skills, all the time imparting teaching and coaching techniques you can use when working with others. You will leave inspired, motivated and with a personal action plan of what you need to do before coming forward for assessment.

Rock Climbing Instructor assessments are run in an atmosphere which ensures we get the best performance from you we can. Again it is relaxed and open, encouraging discussion and debate around many subjects. It will invariably provide us with the chance deliver extra learning and coaching for you but all the while allowing you the maximum amount of opportunities to shine. Leading Edge try very hard to make this a super positive experience.

What does the Rock Climbing Instructor Award cover?

Technical Competence (including equipment, anchors, belaying, personal skills, abseiling, background knowledge) Management and Decision Making (including planning, organising, managing other staff, managing participants, knowledge and demonstration of techniques) Teaching Skills The Climbing Environment (including access, conservation, etiquitte and ethics)Detailed information on each of the above topics can be found in the Rock Climbing Instructor Handbook.