Guided Walking

1st off just wanted to say thanks for an awesome weekend on the M.C.I Taster. I came away feeling far more confident and more determined to get booked on my training course next year.
Craig. M.C.I. Refreshers.

Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor 2 day taster

This workshop is for people who are interested in the MCI award (previously MIA) and would like to know more. Over the two days we give you an introduction and insight to the many elements that make up the MCI award.

Focusing on the role of a Mountain Instructor, looking at the combination of personal and professional skills needed to take people multi pitch climbing and roped scrambling. In particular the decision making and risk assessing.

Single to Multi Pitch Climbing

Taking your climbing from single pitch to multi pitch, looking at the mechanics of multi pitching including route choice, racking, stance management and climbing tactics. All the way through to what to do if things go a bit pear shaped and you need to abseil off.

Trad Lead Climb Coach

This workshop is to help you feel more confident and have more fun when you are lead climbing. Heavily focused on techniques and tactics which can really help you maximise your climbing.
Starting with how to prepare for a lead, developing strong systems and protocols. Positive things you can do if you find yourself becoming anxious when on the route. How to break it all down and help you avoid common pit falls that can cause your mental game to collapse. We will be safeguarding mock leads during the day with a top rope and encourage you to test and trust your leader placed protection
These are tried and tested methods and all very take away able so you can keep working on developing a positive and successful structure that works for you.

Self/Improvised rescue for Developing personal climbing

This indoor workshop aims to give any climber key and useful skills to deal with a whole host of unforeseen issues, and intends to develop personal climbing skills beyond that required for a Rock Climbing Instructor.

The techniques taught in this session will give you more confidence as your climbing takes you into more adventurous places such as sea cliffs, higher and more remote mountain crags and cliffs.