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Thank you again for a great weekend, you were an amazing instructor and I had so much fun it was absolutely perfect and I'm already looking forward to doing more training with you at some point.
Chris. Lead climb coaching.

Lead Climb Coaching

Our years of coaching experience allow us to very quickly get to heart of the matter. Through our deconstruct to reconstruct process we can swiftly help you identify which areas of your climbing would benefit most from some targeted 'physiotherapy', then we crack on with the exercises to strengthen those areas. This has proved time and time again to be a highly successful strategy, we have helped many frustrated lead climbers who know they are not reaching thier potential but cannot figure out why. Let us help you discover what you can be capable of.

What does Lead Climb Coach Cover?

Preparation drills
Selecting the right route and equipment
Tactics when leading
Core movement skills
Efficient and solid gear placement
How to deal with anxiety
What to do if it's not going to plan
How to run away
Training plans and coping strategies