Guided Walking

Thanks so much for the day on Monday. I've been thinking about it all week and I'm pretty sure everyone at work is sick of me talking about it!

Introduction to Scrambling

We will spend some time planning how to get to and go up and down steeper routes. We will help you develop the all important judgement required to assess safe and secure holds and there'll be lots of practical coaching on how to utilise these holds and move competently and confidently on grade one scrambles. You can expect full mountain days reaching the summits if the weather allows.

At Leading Edge, our personable and individualised instruction and coaching will allow you to access heights that you previously thought unattainable. This is an excellent start to get to grips with some of the more technical and challenging routes up the British mountains, who knows where it might lead you.

What does Introduction to Scrambling cover?

Kit and equipment
Weather and mountain conditions
Movement techniques and coaching
Route choice
The use of guidebooks
Emergency rope work techniques
Getting yourself out of a fix