Guided Walking

WMCI trainee workshop

Sam can provide a open program covering many aspect of the syllabus. Including approaching winter climbs, mountaineering to climbing transitions and vice versa, teaching winter climbing, avalanche education etc. Very much a candidate led day. Dates on request.

Improvised Rescue

This day will give trainees an opportunity to practise their improvised rescue and to receive feedback. A wide variety of scenarios can be covered from simple to complex with an emphasis on safe and effective solutions.

Teaching Multi Pitch Climbing

This workshop will look at the ways to structure and plan a teaching progression for students of different abilities; from beginner to possible leader. It will also look at how to assess the clients wants and needs and to teach two climbers with different levels of ability and different aims at the same time. on the same route. All this and much more.

Taking People Climbing

This day will look at the skills of leading safely and efficiently whilst safeguarding two seconds. The focus will be on personal climbing skills and the guiding of routes, rather than the teaching and coaching, using efficient techniques and good decision making to produce an effective performance – rather than rushing or just doing things faster.

Mountaineering Day

We will focus on the skills and judgement required to manage two clients in a variety of mountain terrains up to grade 2/3 scrambles. It will cover an understanding of fundamental techniques, using as much graded ground as possible in both ascent and descent. There will be an emphasis on good judgement and decision-making as well as technical skill.