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Introduction to Trad Climbing

Trad climbing opens the door to accessing some of the best rock climbing the UK has to offer and gives an added dimension to your climbing. Having the skills to place gear, build belays and rope work will give you the independence to go and explore and have your own climbing adventures. It will give you a skill set that is transferable to scrambling, mountaineering and Alpine climbing so you can take your climbing adventures further. 

Here in North Wales we have fantastic access to venues that give a great selection for trad climbing and placing gear opportunities. We will build on the skills of placing gear, belay building and rope work that will give you the skills so you can safely go away and practice.

At Leading Edge we are very experienced coaches and instructors and we will tailor the course to you and your experience and provide a supportive and constructive learning environment.

What does the Introduction to Trad Climbing Cover?

Weather and venue choice
Using guidebooks and route selection
Climbing kit and equipment
Gear placement and rope work
Building belays
Seconding and removing gear
Belaying from above
Climbing technique
Take away tools and techniques