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Sam Leary is an outstanding coach! I came to Sam to get better at lead climbing and I'm so glad I did!! She has a real gift for getting the best out of her clients and has made a real difference to my mental attitude to leading. A lot of people can "teach" climbing but Sam offers clarity, consistency, insight, honesty and genuine passion in her teaching...there's something a bit magic about what Sam can do.

Introduction to Lead Climbing

We will take you through the progressive stages of learning to lead. It will ensure you have solid foundations in place that will make the transition from seconding to leading run safely and smoothly. Leading Edge will give you the physical and technicals tools and also the tactical and psychological strategies you require to become a competent and confident lead climber. This is all done at the appropriate standard to you, which is very individual and something we will discuss with you throughout the course.

Leading Edge Introduction to Lead Climbing course is very much bespoke for you, with only two of you on the course we can ensure that your development and our delivery is individualised and progressive. We are very experienced at judging and pitching it at the right level for you. A perfect mix of theory, information, activity, challenge and support.

What does the Introduction to Lead Rock Climbing Cover?

Gear placement and rope work
Putting together and using a lead rack
Building belays and tying into them
Belaying from above
Using guidebooks and route descriptions
Selecting routes
Decision making and judgements whilst leading
How to manage fear and anxiety
Strategies and tools for improvement
Take away techniques
Training and action plans